EU obsessed with cutting migration ’regardless of human cost’, report claims | #TheCube

Europe has failed to find a ’sustainable response’ to this summer’s migration crisis, instead attempting to reduce the number of arrivals "regardless of the moral, legal and humanitarian consequences", researchers claim.

A new paper published by Oxford University’s "Border Criminologies" unit, given exclusively to Euronews, has poured scorn on the EU’s handling of the issue this summer and called into question Europe’s reliance on the Libyan Coast Guard in place of rescue ships run by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Using detailed analysis of figures from the UNHCR and the IOM, the researchers found that a sharp rise in the number of drownings followed a clampdown on NGO search and rescue operations in June and July. While there were 20 deaths recorded in April, and 11 in May, in June the number rose to 451. This death toll took place at a time when “departures were comparatively low”.

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